GFI Software pioneers powerful, award-winning IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and make them affordable and easy to use. GFI MAX provides a range of integrated software solutions built specifically for IT Support Companies and MSPs, that are fast to implement, low effort to manage and fully brandable, so your customers see your value.

Most Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments use Outlook as their primary tool for Email communication, schedule appointments and tasks. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is a platform to manage your business, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

GFI-Sync is the tool you were all waiting for. It synchronizes devices and checks between GFI-MAX and Microsoft CRM. You will never need to leave Outlook. With Dynamics CRM Client for Outlook and GFI-Sync, devices in GFI are available in Outlook. Checks (incidents) in GFI are created as Cases in CRM and cases are linked to the reported faulty device. Note entered in CRM case are updated in GFI Dashboard. With most device specifications in the Device entity in Outlook, from Outlook you can start Take Control on the Device without the need to switch between products and login to GFI-MAX. All software installed on monitored computers and servers and discovered by GFI agents are updated in CRM offering MSP new ways to manage software licensing and renewal effectively.

Workflows automate processes such as setting up case priority based on the Check type or a price proposal to customer when the Warranty Expiry Date or Lease Expiry Date is due. Changes in installed / uninstalled software or vendors patches and hotfixes can be the cause for a system to fail. By using Microsoft CRM auditing function you can trace changes in devices over period of time either related to software or hardware modifications.
GFI-Sync consists of two products a CRM Solution and desktop application. By importing the solution to CRM it creates the Device entity linked to Case & Account entities and a Site entity linked to Account and device. Data retrieved from GFI devices is synchronised and saved as records in CRM device entity and linked to the corresponding Accounts and Site in CRM. Alerts (checks) in GFI create detailed cases in CRM linked to the Account and the faulty device. The case description field contains data reported from the probe agent installed on the faulty device. The desktop application connects to CRM (online, on premise or IFD) and to GFI. There are 2 sync functions available to run either from the user interface of from command-line, devices sync and active issues sync. Each synchronization task is triggered by Windows Task Scheduler at set time intervals to keep CRM cases & devices always synchronized with GFI